Continuous Auto Bread Slicer

Continuous Auto Bread Slicer


Auto Toast Slicer

Auto toast slicer is designed for continuous speed slicing toast & bread.
Auto toast slicer is designed for continuous speed slicing toast & bread.

The bread slicer is normally designed to cut a loaf of bread into different thickness of slices quickly and precisely. This Bread Slicer is perfect for slicing a variety of breads such as soft or hard-rusted bread depending on your requirements. Our bread slicer will save your time with high efficiency and consistency so as to be widely applied for bakeries, restaurants, specialty sandwich stores, hotels, etc.

Looking for a slicing device combined with smaller space occupation yet durable and compact. Our bread slicer will be your desired selection. We have easy-to-replace, rust-resistance blades mounted in our slicer aiming to minimal maintenance. Further, it is simple to operate with push bottom control ideally prepared for sliced bread in no time. Hence, the machine meets the electrical materials requirements of CE and UL certificate.


1. Perfect slicing surface and smooth slice action.
2. Fast, efficiency and integrated system.
3. Can connect with all types of bag packing and closing system.
4. Infeed with ultraviolet lamp assemble.
5. Outfeed with teflon coating.
6. Long-lasting high-functioning type blade.
7. Detection door safety stop switch.
8. UV germicidal lamp.
9. Exports Teflon anti-stick treatment.
10. Sharpening system.
11. Tool detection window.
12. Stainless steel model.
13. Export full load stop induction.


  • Model: SL-PL1
  • Power: 220V/3PH, 3KW
  • Dimensions: 1700 x 750 x 195 mm
  • Weight: 550KG
  • Speed: 1800 pcs/hr
  • Slice Thickness: 11 mm
  • Product Size: L 130 - 360 mm up to 450 wide

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Sheang Lien Industrial Co., Ltd., since 1997, is one of the Continuous Auto Bread Slicer | bakery equipment suppliers based in Taiwan.

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SHEANG LIEN has been offering customers high-quality bakery equipment & catering equipment, both with advanced technology and 32 years of experience, SHEANG LIEN ensures each customer's demands are met.

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