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Bakery Equipment

Sheang Lien's full line of bakery equipment remains unmatched in terms of quality, which ensures ideal performance and efficiency in your bakery. The equipment solutions we provide, along with our unrivaled industry-wide experience, will streamline your production and lower operating costs dramatically.

Whether you are producing breads, pastries, cookies, pastas, or specialty products you can rest assured that Sheang Lien can deliver the results you require to grow your business. Our goal is to provide our bakery equipment solutions to our clients at the lowest possible costs while maintaining only the highest levels of performance and support.

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  • Bread Slicer
    Bread Cutter

    Bread Slicer is used for slicing bread, Bread Slicer makes a powerful and neat cut. Bread slicers ensure performance and precision with any sort of bread. Effective and reliable for all types of bread.Bread Slicer is suitable for bakery shops, hotel bakery, supermarket, dairy food supply center, food service operations to do the processing of toast slices easily.

  • Catering Equipment
    Conveyor Oven, Steamer

    Sheang Lien provides a series of catering equipment, such as Conveyer Oven, Steamer, Bakery Machine, Fryer, Stuffing Machine.

  • Food Chiller / Freezer
    304# Stainless steel Food Chiller / Freezer

    Classic stainless steel reach-in designed to stand up to the tough conditions found within in a busy commercial kitchen. Finished in 304# stainless steel, the series has all the features you would expect from a top-end product.

  • Deck Oven
    Baking Oven

    Complying with European union safety standard, Our Transparent-Type Deck Oven is a high performance oven specially designed for high volume baking, pizza, and all-purpose operations. Unique in both design and technology, the oven is not only an excellent baking solution, but also its contemporary style serves as a centerpiece for today's high-end baking industry.Oven's versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of products. This modular oven is suitable for any production capacity; the number of decks can be gradually increase as your business grows. The steam produced is humid and instantaneous and the amount generated can be programmed according to the product being baked.

  • Dough Divider
    Bread Dough Divider

    Dough Divider is suitable for bigger dough, like bread, toaster, baguette, pizza and etc., easy operating and efficient production. The cutter was coated with Teflon-easy to clean and anti-adhesive.

  • Dough Moulder
    Dough Shaper

    Dough moulder is used for rolling dough tightly resulting in better and consistent bread quality.It can used to moulding and discharging air, the dough can be stretched during moulding.Suit for making toast, bread, buns, baguettes and various other kinds of dough.

  • Dough Rounder
    Dough Rounder Machine

    Continuous feeding by hand, single setting for different weights. The water content of dough can be up to 70%. Suitable for bread, toast baguette, pizza and etc., anti-adhesive process-no sprinkling flour is needed. Various speed control by inverter.

  • Dough Sheeter
    Floor Type Dough Sheeter

    The reversible pastry sheeter is perfect for bakeries and restaurants with limited space. In addition, the Series of pastry sheeters is easy to clean and service with completely removable dough scrapers.When not in use both sides of the conveyor table fold up for storage. This versatile machine can also be coupled with an available cutting station.

  • Flour Shifter
    Vibro Seperator

    Sheang Lien manufactures a wide range of separators to suit all industries and applications, with optional add-ons to seamless implementation into existing production facilities. Wet or dry, fine or coarse, we have a customized solution for your separation requirements.

  • Frying mixer
    Fryer Mixer

    The cooking mixer can be used in dessert and food mixing as following below: ● For Dessert Cooking and Mixing: Paste, Jam, Sugar, Cream, Candy. ● For Food Cooking and Mixing: Meat, Vegetables, Soup, Rice, Sauce.

  • Planetary Mixer
    Cake Mixer, Dough Mixer

    Planetary mixer features a fixed, non-rotating bowl. The bowl is latched onto the base of the machine and can be raised into the mixing position, and inversely lowered to remove the bowl. A great advantage of this mixer type is the availability of different attachments that can be used when mixing.In almost every pastry shop or bakery you will find at least one planetary mixer. The reason these mixers are so common is that they offer greater versatility. Often, bakers and pastry chefs will use the paddle attachment for blending or creaming products. This includes pie crust dough, scones, cookie dough or cake filling. The whip attachment is commonly used to aerate mixtures such as meringue, sponge cake, whipped cream, and mousse. Lastly, the dough hook attachment is typically used in pizza shops and small bread bakeries.

  • Proofer
    Proofer Cabinet

    The standard proofers are equipped to proof dough only. Retarder/Proofers gradually thaw frozen dough. The retarders operate like a refrigerator by keeping the interior cool, which also provides an excellent environment for storing dough prior to proofing. The cooler temperature slows the yeast fermentation process and prevents the dough from rising. All Proofer and Retarder/Proofer have easy-to-clean stainless steel interior and exterior panels.Proofing is done in a controlled temperature and humidity in the proofer promotes yeast fermentation, which generates gas and causes the dough to rise.Retarding slows the yeast fermentation process, reduces gas formation and inhibits the dough from rising. This also provides an excellent environment for storing dough products up to 48 hours by keeping the dough interior cool. Dough should not be refrozen after thawing.

  • Rotary Oven
    Rotary Rack Oven

    Since more than 25 years, thousands of artisanal and industrial bakeries, of more than 80 countries in the world, choose to bake their typical bread and pastry products with our rotary ovens.Solid Structures, Functional, Compact Dimensions and with a Refined Design, ovens that have evolved over time thanks to new technologies that have allowed to us to reach optimal efficiencies.

  • Spiral Mixer
    Dough Mixer

    The main function of the spiral mixer is to gently mix bread dough, allowing it to develop the proper gluten structure, while not overworking the dough. This is achieved because the bowl of the mixer rotates as the spiral hook is spinning and kneading the dough. The benefit to this action is that the spiral hook is kneading only a portion of the whole dough mass at a given time. This keeps friction heat low, providing a more homogeneous mix.Typically, this type of mixer does not have interchangeable attachments. Most commonly used for mixing bread dough, spiral mixers are capable of handling a variety of different dough types. This includes very stiff dough with low hydration levels; and high hydration dough types such as ciabatta. Some bakeries also expand their machine's production purpose beyond the scope of bread. Some examples include blending together pie dough as well as mixing scones and biscuits.

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Reliable Bakery Equipment for Global Commercial Bakeries

Sheang Lien Industrial Co., Ltd., established in Taiwan in 1997, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality bakery equipment. With over 40 years of industry experience, the company offers a wide range of products, including planetary mixers, spiral mixers, dough sheeters, deck ovens, and bread slicers. Sheang Lien is dedicated to innovation and customer satisfaction, providing reliable and efficient solutions for professional bakeries worldwide.

Sheang Lien Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing top-tier bakery equipment, including planetary mixers, spiral mixers, dough sheeters, deck ovens, and bread slicers. With over four decades of experience, they deliver innovative, high-performance solutions tailored for professional bakers globally. Each product is designed to enhance efficiency and maintain consistent quality, supporting the evolving demands of commercial bakeries. Committed to excellence, Sheang Lien focuses on advanced engineering and customer satisfaction, ensuring reliable and durable equipment for the baking industry. Explore their extensive range of products to elevate your bakery's performance.

SHEANG LIEN has been providing customers with high-quality commercial bakery equipment, both with advanced technology and 32 years of experience, SHEANG LIEN ensures that each customer's needs are met.

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