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Bakery Shop Floor Plan | Commercial bakery equipment

Bakery Shop Solution

Bakery Shop Floor Plan
Bakery Shop Floor Plan

Sheang Lien's equipment can be well prepared for overall at initial period of investment, reduce the manpower demand and meet the demands of each customer. The automatic and high quality machines provide the effective control to upgrade the products quality and also increase productivity and save expenses. The main feature of our production line is capable to coordinate market demands & changing, to adjust productivity and suitable for various bread products making to achieve the goal of new business opportunity.

Customizes and tailors specific bakery with respect to planning and designing to meet the demand of each customer. Depending on the local culture, taste, and market, Sheang Lien will assist in the selection of your baking items, and production capacity. We manufacture varieties of baking equipment, and will recommend only the suitable machines to run your bakery smoothly.

Sheang Lien offers different plans for each different bakery
Individual planning based on the venue and the bread products needed

In the feedback of customers, those adopted Sheang Lien's scheme and equipment
The average number of coming customers increased 220%
Bread production costs reduced 35%
70% increase in production efficiency
Reduced staff costs 30%

Shean Lien accompanied many well-known bread and dessert shops, growing from a small, unprofessional bakery to a central factory with more than 15 stores.
In the future, we expect to accompany more owners to expand to such a scale.

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    The bread slicer is normally designed to cut a loaf of bread into different thickness of slices quickly and precisely. Bread slicer is perfect for slicing a variety of breads such as soft or hard-rusted bread depending on your requirements. Our bread slicer will save your time with high efficiency and consistency so as to be widely applied for bakeries, restaurants, specialty sandwich stores, hotels, etc.Looking for a slicing device combined with smaller space occupation yet durable and compact? Our bread slicer will be your desired selection. We have easy-to-replace, rust-resistance blades mounted in our slicer aiming to minimal maintenance. Further, it is simple to operate with push bottom control ideally prepared for sliced bread in no time. Hence, the machine meets the electrical materials requirements of CE and UL certificate.

  • 60 Liter Planetary Mixer - Planetary mixer is for mixing ingredients like flour, egg, vanilla, sugar.
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    Whip up savings with Sheang Lien's family of heavy-duty mixers. Powerful custom-built motors, gear-driven transmissions, rugged construction and dependable operation will provide you with years of reliable performance at fraction of the cost of competitive mixers. Whether a high-volume bakery or Factory, mixing delicate meringues or a tough dough, Sheang Lien Mixers give you that perfect mix - all backed by superior warranty.Durable, tough, and built to last are qualities that make Sheang Lien Mixers the best solution for your mixing needs. Sheang Lien's rigid cast iron construction ensures years of use in tough environments.Built into each mixer is the quality of workmanship and design the precision-crafted motors and gears lead to dependable operation day after day. Sheang Liens's commitment to quality protects your investment for years to come.Sheang Lien Mixers are priced to provide significant savings over other brands. A proven design plus solid construction equals years of reliability. Each Sheang Lien Mixer is backed by superior warranty.

  • Spiral Mixer - Gently mix bread dough, allowing it to develop the proper gluten structure.
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  • Double Door Proofer - Proofer is a machine in creating yeast breads and well Fermentation.
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    The Sheang lien Proofer to provide the final fermentation product, a stable temperature and humidity bring good fermentation quality. Product surface is not dry, thin and full, ferment uniform can meet the need of the product.

  • Electric Deck Oven - Used for baking breads cookies and cakes with automatic control temperature.
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  • Rotary Rack Oven - Designed to ensure best performances even on the most delicate products.
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    Rotary Rack Oven SL-120 is a type of oven that slowly rotates bakes, breads and cookies with automatic temperature control that gives great texture and taste.

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Bakery Shop Solution | Reliable Bakery Equipment for Global Commercial Bakeries

Located in Taiwan since 1997, Sheang Lien Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in bakery equipment with over 40 years of experience. Offering a wide range of high-quality and efficient products including planetary mixers, spiral mixers, dough sheeters, deck ovens, and bread slicers, Sheang Lien caters to the needs of commercial bakeries worldwide. Their commitment to innovation and durability ensures customer satisfaction and operational excellence in the baking industry.

Sheang Lien Industrial Co., Ltd. is known for engineering excellence in bakery equipment manufacturing. Their range includes advanced planetary mixers, deck ovens, and bread slicers, all designed to deliver superior quality and performance. Rely on Sheang Lien’s expertly crafted equipment to achieve the highest standards in your bakery.

SHEANG LIEN has been providing customers with high-quality bakery and catering equipment, both with advanced technology and 32 years of experience, SHEANG LIEN ensures that each customer's needs are met.

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