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Filling Machine, Cake Depositor | High-efficiency deck ovens

SL-390 Multi-Function Filling Machine / Cake Depositor Solution news

2018/12/13 SHEANG LIEN
Filling Machine, Cake Depositor
Filling Machine, Cake Depositor

Multi-Function Cake Filling Machine/ Cake depositor: Stainless-made machine body complies with hygiene requirements; easy to clean and operate, convenient to maintain. The extruding rollers are treated with special coat to prevent adhesion of batter.
The number and size of outlet nozzles can be customized for various bakery applications.
There are two types of filling batter, one is by a row of individual point filling, and the other is a continuous filling on conveyor belt surface.
When the baking pan is filled with batter, it is available to set the auto-return by putting the baking pan in a single direction, moving forward for baking pan collection. It can also be operated by one person to return reversely.
Use "man-machine interface dialog box" treatment for control panel, and it’s able to memorize 150 operating modes.
Baking pan conveyor belt can move up and down to reduce adhesion - will lead no antifoaming.

Function: long loaf (fruit cake), round (cup), Swiss roll 3 types of products, 50 memories for each
Available for filling chiffon cake, sponge cake, high cream cake, puff crust, cupcake and birthday cake
Filling Quantity: continuous filling, available to fill 6 to 9 baking pans / min continuously

Note: Unable to make products with granule.


  • Machine Dimensions: 1510 x 1000 x 1400mm
  • Capacity: 1080 Tray/hr
  • Packing Dimensions: 1540 x 1200 x 1500mm
  • Horse Power: 1-1/2 HP 800W
  • N.W./G.W: 250/320㎏
  • VOCT: 3∮220V / 380V /415V , 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Compressor used: 4kg/cm2 (air compressor prepared by user) (220V / 380V /415V) 50Hz / 60Hz ,3 O PH
  • Accessories: cupcake filling nozzle x1   O 6,8 filling nozzle x1  Level nozzle for Swiss roll x1

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SL-390 Multi-Function Filling Machine / Cake Depositor Solution news | Top-Quality Bakery Equipment Manufacturer - Sheang Lien

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