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Service & Warranty

Sheang Lien Service & Warranty
Sheang Lien Service & Warranty

We Take Everything Into Consideration:

- Provide after-sale warranty.
- Professional technical support.
- Troubleshooting.
- Educational training.
- Environmental security assessment and recommendations of the working place.
- Adjust the design of equipment.

Our Services & Warranty

► Within 24 hours troubleshooting.
► Warranty can be extended according to client requirements.
► Assistance with equipment layout, technical consulting, troubleshooting and amendments to operation training to conform with the environmental safety regulation.

A proactive management of customer relationship

A customer's worst nightmare is purchasing a machine with no services!

Sheang Lien takes care of its customers proactively and warms their hearts. Applying customer care is a must after a machine is sold for certain period of time; visiting clients for machine examination to fulfill its contracts has become a guideline which Sheang Lien observes.

In fact, that Sheang Lien is favored by many customers lies in its efficiency in helping customers to solve issues concerning machines and other problems, such as providing suggestions on turnkey projects and supplemental equipment, and so on.

Regardless of geographical location, our instant handling policy has made us the most trusted partner our customers have.

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Service & Warranty | Upgrade Your Bakery with Sheang Lien: High-Efficiency Spiral Mixers and Bread Slicers

Located in Taiwan since 1997, Sheang Lien Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in bakery equipment with over 40 years of experience. Offering a wide range of high-quality and efficient products including Service & Warranty, planetary mixers, spiral mixers, dough sheeters, deck ovens, and bread slicers, Sheang Lien caters to the needs of commercial bakeries worldwide. Their commitment to innovation and durability ensures customer satisfaction and operational excellence in the baking industry.

Sheang Lien Industrial Co., Ltd. stands as a leader in manufacturing high-quality bakery and catering equipment, serving professional buyers worldwide. With over three decades of expertise, their product line, including planetary mixers, spiral mixers, dough sheeters, and deck ovens, emphasizes innovation, efficiency, and durability. They cater to the needs of bakery shops and production lines, aiming to enhance operational excellence and customer satisfaction. Ideal for businesses seeking to upgrade or establish top-tier baking facilities.

SHEANG LIEN has been providing customers with high-quality bakery and catering equipment, both with advanced technology and 32 years of experience, SHEANG LIEN ensures that each customer's needs are met.

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